Microfinance enable the poor to lift themselves out of poverty through entrepreneurship. Invest in people and finance thefuture.

Our Roots

The Enabling Microfinance Foundation is a non-profit foundation with the aim of reducing poverty and dependence. The Foundation created the Enabling Microfinance Fund (EMF) in 2008 as an instrument to catalyse access to capital where it is needed most and to promote financial inclusion to people in developing economies currently overlooked by the financial system.

People looking for opportunities, for access to small loans, for skills and the for malisation of their work environment. Enabling Microfinance aims to support promising, responsible, profitable and sustainable Micro Small and Medium Enterprise (MSME) Financing Intermediaries that focus on achieving social impact.

The Foundation – A Guarantee for Double Impact

The Enabling Microfinance Fund is ultimately owned by a non-profit foundation with the target of generating the greatestpossible social impact by reducing poverty. While the EMFMicrofinance Fund is the main instrument for achieving thisgoal, the revenues of Enabling Microfinance AG as the promotoras well as the operating company of the Fund are, in addition,used to launch new projects to improve the conditions alongthe microfinance value chain, such as a microfinance trainingprogram for women.

The Enabling Microfinance Foundation oversees the operating company and acts as a guarantor forprojects to strengthen access to finance in low income economies through capacity building work. Working along the value chain to establish and strengthen financing institutions is an importantdriver of qualitatively and quantitatively sustainable sector development. This dual approach is an important factor in strengthening the sector as a whole, supporting norms and standards toprotect the interests of the various stakeholders in this new investment value chain, so as not tointroduce counterproductive overflows, misuse or abuse of capital into unaccustomed populations.

The EMF Fund in combination with the support work of the EMF Foundation aims to catalyseaccess to capital where it is needed most by reinforcing the financial intermediation infrastructureand by promoting more inclusive financial policies. At the same time, the Fund demonstrates thecommercial viability of investing in micro, small and medium-sized enterprises in low- and middle-income countries and aims to inspire a new generation of investors to address the wider financinggap.



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