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The Enabling Microfinance Fund was launched in recognition of lack of access to finance as a barrier to large-scale poverty reduction. The MFIs and SEFIs the Fund invests in differ from more mainstream financiers by positioning themselves deeper in their markets and providing inclusive growth in to an emerging population of entrepreneurs.

EMF is therefore focused on supporting financially sound, impact-focused local financial intermediaries that not only serve microentrepreneurs but are additionally developing financial services for enterprises employing between 5 and 100 people. Expanding access to financial services for these customers promotes resilience, business growth, and helps generate and secure sustainable employment. This is key to unlocking the potential of micro, small and medium-size denterprises to deliver large-scale growth in formal employment within developing countries, leading to poverty reduction at scale over the long term. This pure debt fund offers investors a capital preservation and growth strategy with “money market plus” returns, targeting around 3.5 to 4.0% annual net return. In order to manage the investment risk, the Fund diversifies across:

• a broad range of financing models (whether dedicated MFIs, non-bank financial institutions, or leasing companies),

• a large number of countries permitting global diversification,

• a strong blend of maturities, to allow for clear exits for investors.

The Fund’s assets are exclusively managed by BlueOrchard; based on EMFs investment strategy this makes it possible to also invest in smaller, attractive transactions. BlueOrchard has a great track record in the industry and offers specific microfinance fund management expertise and a strong pipeline of investments overseen by local analysts. The combination of having strong investment expertise and a unique, flexible asset allocation allows the Fund to generate excellent returns. Investors can expect low volatility and low correlation with both traditional and alternative asset classes.

The Fund is designed for qualified investors and targets both financial and diversification-focusedinvestors as well as specialized impact investors seeking to benefit from the growth of emerging and frontier markets through sustainable and inclusive investments. It serves institutional investors(pension funds, insurance companies, asset managers and banks) as well as private investors, directly or through private wealth managers, family offices or foundations.